My Pictures

Here are some pictures of me. Enjoy…

xx, O


Bunny At Conventions:


2015 Live Cam Awards:

LCA Gallery 1 – Meets and Greets at the LiveCam Awards

LCA Gallery – LittleRedBunny in Spain

LCA Gallery 2 – Food and Scenery in Spain

LCA Gallery 4 – Jasmin and I at the LiveCam Awards

2015 AVN Awards

2015 AVN Awards Gallery 1 – Adult Entertainment Expo – Day 1 Thru 4

2015 AVN Awards Gallery 2 – The Awesome Jasmin Staff and AEE Booth

2015 AVN Awards Gallery 3 – Media Interviews and Fans

2013 Sex Awards & 2014 AVN Awards

Professional Pictures


Real Life and Selfies:

Special Holiday Gallery

11 thoughts on “My Pictures

  1. gustavo

    Wow!wow!wow! I’m so in love with you! Actually you are the most beautiful fantasy I could dream of!
    Thank you for being so genuine! You are a work of art!

  2. OhNoCanadaEh

    Dear Ophelia,
    We all get a little anxious when we have an approaching Birthday but think of it this way. You may be a year older but are also a year wiser and more people know you now that didn’t this time last year.
    All the Best to the Best, Our Precious Ophelia

  3. OhHoCanadaEh

    Dear Ophelia,
    Again, Happy Birthday to You.
    Most get a little anxious with an upcoming Birthday knowing they will be a year older but! With every passing year we become wiser and meet new people that enrich our Lives. I know I feel that way about you and many of your friends that I enjoy sharing time with as well.
    Big Kiss….xxxooo


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