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Hollywood 2018 Trip Recap (YNOT Awards)

I’m soon off to Sunny California for the second YNOT Awards Hollywood and the first annual YNOT #Cammunity Summit from Aug 5 – 7! Last year I was lucky enough to win the Most Playful Model, and this year I am nominated for Cammunity Ambassador! I’m very excited to be a part of this dedicated summit for cam models in the US and can’t wait to take part in the panels, presentations and parties! :)

So before I go, here is a little recap video of my trip to LA last year and a few of the things I did while there. It felt good for this little bunny to get out of her little bunny warren and get some sunshine and my feet wet without having to put a pool on my bed. Lol! Hope you enjoy the video and thank you again for all your support, friendship and time you spend with me. I can never say enough how much I appreciate you all!

xx, O

Don’t miss the show! You will be able to watch the YNOT Awards live Aug 7 at 8:30pm  PST  HERE! And an extra thanks to all of you who voted for me everyday (or as often as you could). It’s really appreciated and I love your support!

There is also a little interview with me for the YNOT Cam Awards you can check out too HERE or click the picture below.

Screnshot Interview

For those attending #Cammunity, I will be speaking at 10am PST on the Model Resources: Getting Help After #Cammunity and hosting a Model Mastery Meeting at noon discussing a variety of topics and solutions for some of the most important issues models have to face. Hope to see you there!

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Romania 2016 Recap! Romania 2017 here I come!

I’m just about to hop off to Romania for the third year in a row, and I want to share with you my wonderful experiences I had there from last year! This will be quite a different trip as I won’t have the extra work (and stress) of co-hosting the AW Awards. It turned out to be a fun and amazing time, and I was so happy I was given the opportunity to do it by Alex and the support I got from Ana and their outstanding AW team! They are truly hard-working professionals and are so awesome! And I can’t forget to mention my partner in crime Douglas, who made the whole thing so much fun and unpredictable and added a lot of laughter!

So before I go, here is a video showing you all a major part of my first week in Romania last year and most of the things I did during the trip. My second week in Romania was just as memorable with some brand new experiences, which you all will get to see in the near future (hint, hint for part 2).  Just watching this video made me smile and excited to head back there! I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed being a part of it.

I will miss you all while I’m gone, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter while I’m away to see pics and videos of what I’m up to. Thank you all for those of you who nominated and voted for me in the upcoming awards in Romania!  And as always, behave while I’m gone so we can be naughty when I return online the night of June 16!

xx, O


Oktoberfest, YNot Awards and new XXX Video!

It’s that time again when I’m hopping off on another adventure to a new land! This time it’s Prague and the YNOT Awards and The European Summit! And since I will be so close to Germany and Oktoberfest is starting, I’ve been saving a special video for this time of year! Back when I was in Las Vegas I made a stop at a German Beer Hall. Needless to say I had a good time, with good music and great beer (which, if you know me, doesn’t stay in me very long)!


So as a little going away present, I present you with this fun little travelogue of my first time in a German Beer Hall and my attempt to video narrate my way through the evening, which had some unintentionally comedic results.

I also have a special treat for the members of my LittleRedBunny.XXX site. Part 3 of my Anal Toys video series is up and ready for your pleasure. If you aren’t a member of my XXX site, spank yourself and join to see all the fun and naughty surprises I have waiting for you there ;)


I am so excited for this trip, but as always I will miss you all so very much and can’t wait to get back and share stories and be naughty with you again! And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @littleredbunnyx and use or look for #littleredbunnyhops to stay in touch with me and see what I’m up to while in the Czech Republic!

xx, O

History of Sex & Sexual Communication Video

20210504-192510-2660693(CLICK THE PICTURE TO WATCH THE VIDEO)

For those of you who didn’t watch the whole AW Awards, or didn’t go through to see the videos Douglas and I made in New York specifically for the show, here they are!

So here is a little background about the videos. Once Douglas and I knew we were going to host the 2016 AW Awards we wanted to put our own unique spin and style into the show. Our original idea was going to be him and I going shopping for the show in Manhattan. Douglas would be super excited to shop (the stereotypical girl roll) and I, who honestly hates shopping, would play the guy’s roll of sitting around being bored waiting for him to finish his shopping. Unfortunately, most stores wouldn’t let us film inside so we had to scrap that idea. That is when I came up with doing an old-time serial-type educational videos about the history of sex, or more specifically sexual communication. We weren’t really prepared to change course for these videos, but we did the best we could with the time we had. Hope you enjoy it!

xx, O

Hopping off to Romania for AW Summit & Awards

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI can’t believe another year has gone by already and its time to go back to Romania. This time to co-host the AW Awards with my great friend Douglas! Woo hoo! You will be able to watch it live HERE June 8 at 12:30 EST. If you can’t watch it live it will be available on replay at some point, but not sure when yet, but I will keep you posted on my Twitter @LittleRedBunnyx. I am so nervous I hope I don’t be my usual self and mess up half of what I say! Be ready to hear a lot of my Bunnyisms. :)


I am so thankful to Alex for giving me this opportunity to co-host the AW Awards and I am looking forward to having fun doing it with Douglas. I’m so nervous just thinking about it and giddy with anticipation and seeing how often Douglas will crack me up on stage. All I hope is everyone will enjoy the show and have a great time that evening.


awsummit logo copy

I will also be attending the AW Summit and taking part in a live panel discussion or two. It was a great event last year and I got to meet and interact with so many models and industry professionals, I really can’t wait to see everyone again and hopefully make new friends too.

I know I will be gone a bit longer on this trip because I’m going to take some time to see the Romanian countryside after the hectic week I will have. So look for me to be back on June 21. But I promise to keep you posted with my adventures as much as I can on my Twitter feed @LittleRedBunnyx and I will have some new surprises on my site as well, including a very hot series of videos involving lots of different toys being used in the naughtiest of places. ;) Until then you can check out my new full-nude, but very artistic photo set from the wonderful MariBlue from when I was in Spain. It’s very intimate, in full HD, super close up and you can even see my green eyes and all my freckles too! It’s my way of keeping close to you while I’m away (besides on Twitter).


Also, so you can share in my adventures and keep close to me I have the long-overdue video of my trip to Colombia for LALExpo where you can see me dancing, horseback riding, dancing, taking in the sites, dancing, visiting a cam studio, and more dancing! Hope you enjoy it and it was worth the wait!

Well, wish me luck! I will miss you all so much while I’m gone and can’t wait until I can come back and share my experiences with you and you can share something else with me too! ;)

Big hugs and kisses to you all! Behave while I’m gone so you can be naughty with me when I get back!

xx, O


Celebration! Thank you again for 7th award in 7 years!


Another trip to Spain and another award! This time for Best Personal Website! I just can’t believe it! I’m running out of ways to say thank you to all my amazing friends and fans who took the time to vote and help us win our seventh award in seven years! Woo hoo! I made this special video for everyone, especially those who could not celebrate with me when I came back from Spain and missed yet another LittleSillyBunny moment.

I want to give a very special thanks to those special people who first helped me start a website in the first place. If it wasn’t for you I don’t know where I would be in this digital world of the Internet. And I have to thank the wonderful people at ModelCentro who helped me create and maintain my xxx site (which I have a lot of fun and naughty content going up there very soon!) and I look forward to doing more work with them for a long time!

Additional thanks to the wonderful Alexandra who created and ran the last two years of the LiveCamAwards, she is amazing! I can only imagine the amount of work she has to put into the whole event. She should be very proud of her success! And special thanks to Jay from YNOT for being a great co-host at the awards (and who couldn’t stop complimenting my dress).

As a special treat for all of you I am offering a great deal on my site. Sign up with the promo code HopMeMore and get a 15% credit discount on your first purchase and 10 free teasers! It’s a great way to come celebrate with me however you want ;)

Thank you all again so much! You are all so amazing beyond words! Love you all so much! xx, O

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Three New Articles and a Video

Wow, has it only been a month since the amazing time I had at the AVN Convention and Awards in Las Vegas? I had so much fun and meet so many great people there, so I wanted to share a few more things from the show that came my way this week.



First up, Joseph Viney from the online magazine BaDoink, just posted his interview with me from right after I got back from the AVNs. He was such a great interviewer too. He was so easy to talk to and I loved this from him:

“It’s not difficult to see just why Bunny is so respected and revered by her fans and the community at large. Bunny offers more than a simple and overdone striptease followed by the usual stylistic visitations. Where others may perform via the usual methods and tricks, Bunny approaches both her work, her lifestyle and fans with the same approach. It’s one that combines her love of “old music, vintage furniture, dance, yoga, eroticism, and art” with a sexual energy that crackles and sparks whenever Bunny is in the line of sight.”

We talked about so much more, including good whiskey and old time music, so check it out by clicking the picture. I’m looking forward to meeting the BoDoink people again at the Live Cam Awards coming up very soon.

And REMEMBER there is only a week or so that you can KEEP VOTING for the awards in Spain. It only takes one minute and you can vote me for Best Female Live Cam Model, and Best Cam Model Personal Site here 2015 LiveCamAwards.



Next, Charisma Madarang from the online site interviewed me Saturday night. Joining her was the well known photographer Phillip Reardon.

Charisma and Phil were great to meet and to talk to (even though I was nervous while getting ready for the AVN red carpet lol) They did great work, both the writing and the photos. I am so happy, and can’t wait to meet them again when I will go to LA next time :) Charisma was the sweetest person and I really like her approach, and Phil is an amazing photographer too!



Speaking of photographers, I am so honored that the celebrated artist Roger Kisby, who visited the AVNs for the first time this year, decided to include me in his “25 Intimate Portraits Show Porn Performers Off-Duty”. I am Number 21.

Roger took that pic of my head shot (which was the 1st thing I did in my 1st hours being awake :( lol) but then came back that night for a few more pictures in my hotel room. The first one he has put up on his Instagram account is this.


Hopefully he will post more soon.


And finally check out this video of me meeting some of the true legends of the Adult Industry as they stopped by the Jasmin booth during the Convention. Sorry if the audio quality is not always great, that is from being at the convention where noises were coming from all over the place, but hopefully, you should still have a great laugh, wait to see how it went with Ron Jeremy.



Free Signed Picture For Three Lucky Fans

Ok here’s a nice gift for someone.

If I get 100 people to subscribe to my LittleRedBunny Youtube Channel then I will send three of my subscribers a personally autographed photo of me.


Now wouldn’t that be something to have sitting on your desk at work, or hanging on your cubicle wall? Wouldn’t all the other people be soooo jealous and make them wonder just who that sexy redhead who signed it to YOU personally was.

Subscribe To LittleRedBunny Tube NOW

I already have 60 people signed up so the give away might not last long.

xx, O

Time For Thanks

Here in the United States we are having a uniquely American holiday called “Thanksgiving”. Originally started as a way to recognize the debt the earlier settlers had to the native Americans in helping them survive in this new land, then a way to get together with family and friends to enjoy each others company and feast, unfortunately more and more it is just an excuse to go out and shop.

I personally want to take time and give a great big “thank you” to one of my best friends and fan, Tarheel TruBlue. Right after I won the Sex Awards he took the time to get both the Sex Awards acceptance video and the interview on VividRadioSMX up so the people who missed them, could see them.

Recently, YouTube closed down my own channel there so Tarheel TruBlue reopened the fan channel he set up last year for my voting for the 2014 AVN Awards. Here is his special intro video when he did that for me.

A very warm and heartfelt littleredhug and many kisses goes out to you Tarheel. You are the best!

xx, O

My Award Finally Showed Up!!!

As most of my friends and fans know, I was soooo lucky to win last year’s AVN Favorite WebCam Girl award.

(Thank you each and everyone who voted for me, you are such the best. I love you all.)

So here is the video of me opening the box, lol. Hard little sucker to cut open too, I was so scared I’d break it.

Now the sound is a bit rough and at the beginning we fast forward for a while (that’s the weird sounds then) but its a great video. I’m such a teenager in it, lol. I’ve upgraded my webcam system now so the sound is so much better if we have a private.

Take a look at it and be sure to Vote For Me Everyday.