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Goodbye Moo-vember, Hello Remember December

Lets hear it for the end of “Moo-vember” where you get a frosty upper lip of something white, warm and creamy to lick and swallow.

Now its “Remember December” and time for all the naughty boy and girls to remember to Vote for me each and every day. Help me make it a “Twofer” and sweep this year’s AVN Awards as your favorite camgirl. You will find me soooooo appreciative if I win.


You want me to win, don’t you?

I’ll be extra special naughty then, just for YOU.

xx, O

Vote For Me In The New 2015 AVN Awards

Wallpaper White 1 (1024x768) text 2

Its been a whole year since I won the 2014 AVN Awards for “Favorite WebCam Girl”. I still find it hard to believe it. It was the most amazing thing to happen to a woman.

Thank you all. You are simply AMAZING!!!

Well its that time again and I’m so honored that AVN has selected me to compete once more. So all my favorite friends and loving fans, from now until the voting ends on January 23 take a few minutes everyday and head over to the “2015 AVN Awards – Favorite Web Cam Girl” and give me a vote please. It would be AWESOME if you do.

Please help me make it two years in a row. And Be sure to bookmark the page.

Last year I said “click my boobies” to vote, then come lick my clitty in my Jasmin room. I was sooooo naughty then, lol. I’ll have to think of something new like that but for now as a special “thank you”, I’m having some sexy new wallpapers made you can download. Then every time you turn your computer on, YOU can get a little turned on too.

Please let me turn you on….(evil sexy grin).

You can go to the page for the first free “LittleRedBunny Wallpaper” HERE.

I’ll be posting a new one every week so be sure to stop back by.

Just click the “Vote Me – 2015 AVN Awards” tab in the menu at the top of the page to see the latest. I hope you enjoy the gifts.

xx, O

Bath Time

What does a naughty girl do when she gets a little dirty?

She takes a long hot bath of course…lol.

Want to share a glass of champagne with me? The water is so warm and now I’m all wet.

Click this picture to watch a video preview of “Bed Pool” on my new site, Little Red Secret Boudoir.


Come Share A Drink On Frisky Friday

Come share a drink with me on this “Frisky Friday” and start the weekend right with some private time with your favorite redhead. I promise I’ll get you in the mood for some fun. Just tell me your fantasy then lay back and let me make them come true.


And what is my favorite drink? Crown Royal of course.

LittleRedBunny expects only the finest things, that’s why I have YOU.


Check out the cute glass, it has bunnies!

Visit me in my Room tonight.