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Tip, Talk, Tease and Torrid Time One-on-One at RedSky


I’ve expanded my warren and have a new place which is the best place for both of us for Tips and Privates! You can now find me on my very own page: REDSKY! This is the BEST way to be in touch in a much more personal manner than the others. Its a guaranteed exclusive private with a microphone and video (if you want) and you can still tip me there for songs which I’ll play in my regular public chat rooms HERE and HERE.

This system works a little different than my usual privates on the other sites, so you are welcome to contact me directly if you need some help and hints after you set up your account there.

I like to find intimate ways we have more places and options to play together, so I hope you are as excited as I am to have a place for some real one-on-one fun and interactions.

I look forward to joining you in the REDSKY! ;)

xx, O


New INSTAGRAM Account (AGAIN!) Follow me!

New Insta Pic

So for the second time my Instagram account was somehow shut down AGAIN with no valid reason why/ And this was right after it was suspended a week prior and I was told by Instagram  there was no reason it should have been suspended, and they reinstated it, only to permanently close it a week later with no chance to appeal the decision.

I hope you find me at my new account, LittleRedBunnyxox and we can get connected again on there. (You can also click on the pic above)

This is really frustrating, but it’s the world people who do adult work and content have to deal with.

Thanks again for your support, it is always very much appreciated!

xx, O