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Deeper Than The Tip Column Has New Home

DOC DTTT Poster 1For those who were wondering what happened with my new column about camming topics, it is restarting at its new home on The first article just dropped last Friday (June 18), the second one posted today (June 25) and my third one will be out soon after that. These are also the more unedited and full versions I wrote compared to the original ones published.

You can find all my articles as they get published HERE or clicking the image above or the banner to the side.

I have a lot of very deep topics (pun intended) I’m working on and I’m excited to have these being published and promoted on So I have to again thank Jay and Connor for this opportunity and helping things get taken care of to be published on its new home.

I hope you enjoy the articles and will be happy to hear your feedback and suggestions for topics for future articles!

xx, O

CamLife Mag #8 Industry Influencer!

CamLife Mag Influencer 8 2021

A huge thank you to CamLife Magazine for naming me the 8th Most Influential Member of the Camming Community for 2021! This is both an honor and privilege, especially when I am named among so many people I not only respect but also have both a professional and friendly personal relationship with. I don’t know how much influence I have besides making people smile and laugh with me, but I am very grateful for this accolade. Big hugs to Bender and every one at CamLife, and everyone else on the list! Hope I will be seeing you all sooner than later as things slowly get back to normal!

To read the full article, click on the link in the post or the picture above.

xx, O