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Where in the world did LittleRedBunny go?!?

First, for those wondering where I’ve been, you can find me online HERE at my other bunny hole.  There I get to be my original uncensored bunny sensual self, with all my outfits and seductive dancing, booty shaking and being a happy bunny. I can finally be my full LittleRedBunny self again like I used to be over so many years (which I haven’t been allowed to do on LiveJasmin for several months now).



Here is a YouTube video from Bare Disclosure (Amberly Rothfield) addressing her view on the Live Jasmin rule changes of 2020 and surrounding issues it caused among many models. It was very sweet of her to mention me and try to bring an impartial and outside view of the situation that was going on. I was very surprised and flattered by her video and thankful she took the time to discuss this topic with  me as a focal point. You can watch the video HERE or click the image below.

Screenshot_2021-05-28 Live Jasmin vs Little Red Bunny and Every Cam Girl on their site

**UPDATE 11-30-20**

As some of you may have noticed, recently I’ve been on LiveJasmin (!/) now and then. I’m not officially back there, but I don’t want to leave anyone behind. It’s still not my primary place for a few reasons; I can’t entertain and use my artistry, flexibility, sensuality and dance moves there the way I’ve done for my whole career, and they drastically cut down our percent share as models to almost half of what it was before.

IF somehow you can ONLY see me there, know that a way you can help support me and minimize this damage, is by having an account through my Bunny’s Hunnies and buy your credit packages from there.

I’m mostly in my new warren (at the other place which is While I may sometimes still be available on LiveJasmin, just be aware that about 95% of my art will cause me to be in member chat there even if none of what I do was ever explicit (I’m online, you just can’t see me in free chat so I don’t get a warning or suspension yet again). But you can still see all I do in public chat at the new place where you can still enjoy my usual all-night social fun time.

And I just to clarify what I mean about how 95% of my art while performing will not be seen when I’m on LiveJasmin. Back in March they dramatically changed their rules of what performers can and cant do and show in free chat. The new rules restrict the majority of my usual moves, flexibility and dances. And the rules continued to change and become more restrictive to the point I pretty much could only just sit on my bed doing very little or I would get warnings and/or account suspensions.

WARNING 001 (edit 1)

You are welcome to join me in my new bunny hole, but if you prefer LiveJasmin you can still take me private there if you wish and if I’m not busy I can do my best to schedule a time with you, but again, it’s preferable for you to come to my new home first if you can.

An advantage for you at my new place is you are charged per minute or transactions (tips) that are closer to 1 to 1 in value. The site doesn’t take a cut of your credit purchase so you actually get more value for what you spend. You can also get blocks of time 15-60 minutes at a 5-20 percent discount, which is an ever better value.

I hope this all makes sense. So lets keep the party rolling and have hoppy times together in my hoppier place.

Thank you!

Xx, O

**UPDATE 10-23-20**

 This is to let you know that as of 10-13-20 I now have an active account on LiveJasmin, it is simply named Ophelia and you can find it HERE if you don’t still have me in your favorites (or if I disappeared, due to the my original LittleRedBunny account closing) or can’t find me by searching.

I am not broadcasting on the account for now, as I’m happy being my old Bunny self at my new Bunny Hole, but I may consider broadcasting on there from time to time depending on certain circumstances, I haven’t decided anything on this matter yet. However, I can still access my messages there if you have tried to or need to contact me. You can also view my wall and still access my photo albums and videos to check out and purchase.

If there are any additional updates, I will let you know here and on my social media (which is listed in the update message immediately below this one).

Its hard to go back full time in free chat on LiveJasmin with all the new rules even though its been my home for 12 years, but do know I miss everyone and hope you can find me in my new place.

So, for now you can still see me in my newer Bunny Hole (by clicking the picture above, the link above the picture, or the banner to the top right). Thanks again and hop, I mean hope to see you soon!

Xx, O

***UPDATE 9-30-20***

My LiveJasmin account has been closed again instead of suspended until I change my name on the site. So I cannot get any messages on LiveJasmin since the account is fully deleted. I’ve been dealing with this for nearly a month so I’m sorry I’m not giving more updates. So if you need to contact me please use my social media listed below. Also to see the full story of what is going on, please keep reading.

My social media links:  Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


  Second, for those of you are wondering why I’m not currently on LiveJasmin. Well, the simplest explanation is there doesn’t seem to be a simple explanation (Read to the end because I want your feedback on this issue). So here is what I can say about the sequence of events that led to my account suddenly being closed and what has happened since it was closed:


1) LiveJasmin changed their pay structure/system and this is actually a substantial cut in models potential earnings.

Because of this LiveJasmin rule change, some social media accounts popped up wanting models to protest these changes. They began posting and communicating to models (including myself) to join in the movement. I didn’t agree with their approach to this situation, but I did follow one of the accounts to keep up to date with what was happening in the industry with this whole issue.

I was contacted directly by one of these accounts wishing me to spread the word about it, but I never responded to the direct message as I did not want to be associated with this. When I received that message I was actually wondering about making a response to them publicly saying a protest of models not working on LiveJasmin isn’t the best way to respond to the situation and I didn’t feel this was the right approach. However, before I could write anything about it my account on LiveJasmin was closed.

2) As it turns out, LiveJasmin closed the account of any model who liked, followed, supported or promoted anything to do with the protest accounts. I received this initially as a reason for my account being closed, even though I did not publicly like, endorse or promote any of these protest accounts, I merely followed one of the accounts to see what would happen from a distance:


  3) I immediately contacted LiveJasmin to clarify why my account was closed without any notification. I talked to a few different admin over the course of two days and was initially told  my account was closed because I took part in the protest.


  4) I continued to try to contact upper management about this whole issue while asking for updates from the admin on my account status. After a couple days my account suddenly went from closed to suspended, and I could get it fully unsuspended but I was required to change LittleRedBunny to a new (first name, last name) name as per new LiveJasmin guidelines. So I was told I am only welcomed back if I change my name. I was however told I would be allowed to keep “part” of my brand, so I needed a first name before RedBunny. Their example was I could be “Janet RedBunny.” ‍

account closed AND new name 2

The other problem is, I had just talked to LiveJasmin upper management a few weeks prior and they said me keeping LittleRedBunny was fine and if I was ever told I had to change it to contact upper management again and they would handle it. Yet I’ve been trying to get in contact with them for almost a week now and have gotten no response.

So that is where I’m at. I could technically open my account again, but I would have to change my name which I’ve had for 12 years. It’s a name directly linked with LiveJasmin and is my image and brand which is known throughout the industry, mainstream media and my Wikipedia page. So I am waiting to get this issue settled and hopefully keep my name and continue to work on what has been my online home for the last 12 years.

I will keep you updated as soon as I find out more information on this sudden and confusing decision.

But I do have a question for you all I would love to get feedback on. Should I not go back to Jasmin at all if I am forced to change my name on there? Or should I submit to LiveJasmin’s rules? What do you think I should do? What would you do as a professional in the same situation?

Would love to hear your feedback! Let me know on my Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. If you don’t want your response to be public, feel free to send me a direct message (I do have access to my LiveJasmin inbox as well).

Xx, O