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Hollywood 2018 Trip Recap (YNOT Awards)

I’m soon off to Sunny California for the second YNOT Awards Hollywood and the first annual YNOT #Cammunity Summit from Aug 5 – 7! Last year I was lucky enough to win the Most Playful Model, and this year I am nominated for Cammunity Ambassador! I’m very excited to be a part of this dedicated summit for cam models in the US and can’t wait to take part in the panels, presentations and parties! :)

So before I go, here is a little recap video of my trip to LA last year and a few of the things I did while there. It felt good for this little bunny to get out of her little bunny warren and get some sunshine and my feet wet without having to put a pool on my bed. Lol! Hope you enjoy the video and thank you again for all your support, friendship and time you spend with me. I can never say enough how much I appreciate you all!

xx, O

Don’t miss the show! You will be able to watch the YNOT Awards live Aug 7 at 8:30pm  PST  HERE! And an extra thanks to all of you who voted for me everyday (or as often as you could). It’s really appreciated and I love your support!

There is also a little interview with me for the YNOT Cam Awards you can check out too HERE or click the picture below.

Screnshot Interview

For those attending #Cammunity, I will be speaking at 10am PST on the Model Resources: Getting Help After #Cammunity and hosting a Model Mastery Meeting at noon discussing a variety of topics and solutions for some of the most important issues models have to face. Hope to see you there!

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