Daily Archives: June 27, 2017

Props to Propdoc… Rest in Peace my friend.


Today I had the very sad news that I lost a dear close friend of mine. Some of you might have known him as Propdoc, who always had a drink and a joke in my room, so you can join me tonight to have a toast in his memory.

He always wanted to remain anonymous, but he was also the person behind the birth of my personal website in 2014 and helped me to keep it going as much as he could (which was a lot) through all these years. He simply surprised me by creating a first draft which inspired me to go on and get a logo designed, graphics and then he helped me build it all up. His initiative gave a big turn to expand what originally was just me being live online to then increase my ability to communicate and share much more with all of you, including fun videos and memories of my trips and what my life has become. It made me grow professionally and made it a career. He helped by his pure generosity, support and great friendship and strongly contributed to where I am today. He is a big part of LittleRedBunny history.

Rest in peace. You’ll be missed, and know that I will always be deeply thankful for always being there for me and all you have done for me.

xx, O