Monthly Archives: December 2016

En-LIGHT-ened Bunny


Here is a silly little video in which you are allowed to make fun of me! See if you can notice how many times in just one night I have some little habits which might make you question if I am slightly OCD. Haha! Honestly, I am not though! But yeah, you’ll see! I hope it will make you smile and maybe laugh a little. Even if it’s at my expense. (Click the picture above to watch the video)

xx, O

AVN Voting/LCA Nominations has begun, I NEED YOUR HELP!



Another year has passed and once again I am so lucky to be nominated for an AVN Award! As always this honor is because of you all and only you can help me with your votes!

It’s easy to register to vote. Just go HERE, scroll down and click on my picture, you will get a popup window asking you to login or register. The first time just enter your name, email and a password (don’t worry, you won’t get any spam). Then go back and click or spank on my little butt and voila! That’s it. Just make sure to lick, I mean click on my pic and vote EVERYDAY through Jan. 20.


For this you only have to do it once.  Just go HERE, register and then fill in my name for Best Female Live Cam Model, Best Live Cam Personal Site and Cam Celebrity of the Year. Once the Nomination period ends (I don’t have the exact date yet but will let you know here and on social media) voting will begin for any categories I am eligible for.

I’m so happy to be nominated once more for AVN and have an opportunity for the LCA’s again too, but I’m even more happy to have amazing friends like you in my life! So please keep voting for me EVERYDAY and I’ll make sure I show you my appreciation when we get our special time alone! ;)

xx, O