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Three New Articles and a Video

Wow, has it only been a month since the amazing time I had at the AVN Convention and Awards in Las Vegas? I had so much fun and meet so many great people there, so I wanted to share a few more things from the show that came my way this week.



First up, Joseph Viney from the online magazine BaDoink, just posted his interview with me from right after I got back from the AVNs. He was such a great interviewer too. He was so easy to talk to and I loved this from him:

“It’s not difficult to see just why Bunny is so respected and revered by her fans and the community at large. Bunny offers more than a simple and overdone striptease followed by the usual stylistic visitations. Where others may perform via the usual methods and tricks, Bunny approaches both her work, her lifestyle and fans with the same approach. It’s one that combines her love of “old music, vintage furniture, dance, yoga, eroticism, and art” with a sexual energy that crackles and sparks whenever Bunny is in the line of sight.”

We talked about so much more, including good whiskey and old time music, so check it out by clicking the picture. I’m looking forward to meeting the BoDoink people again at the Live Cam Awards coming up very soon.

And REMEMBER there is only a week or so that you can KEEP VOTING for the awards in Spain. It only takes one minute and you can vote me for Best Female Live Cam Model, and Best Cam Model Personal Site here 2015 LiveCamAwards.



Next, Charisma Madarang from the online site interviewed me Saturday night. Joining her was the well known photographer Phillip Reardon.

Charisma and Phil were great to meet and to talk to (even though I was nervous while getting ready for the AVN red carpet lol) They did great work, both the writing and the photos. I am so happy, and can’t wait to meet them again when I will go to LA next time :) Charisma was the sweetest person and I really like her approach, and Phil is an amazing photographer too!



Speaking of photographers, I am so honored that the celebrated artist Roger Kisby, who visited the AVNs for the first time this year, decided to include me in his “25 Intimate Portraits Show Porn Performers Off-Duty”. I am Number 21.

Roger took that pic of my head shot (which was the 1st thing I did in my 1st hours being awake :( lol) but then came back that night for a few more pictures in my hotel room. The first one he has put up on his Instagram account is this.


Hopefully he will post more soon.


And finally check out this video of me meeting some of the true legends of the Adult Industry as they stopped by the Jasmin booth during the Convention. Sorry if the audio quality is not always great, that is from being at the convention where noises were coming from all over the place, but hopefully, you should still have a great laugh, wait to see how it went with Ron Jeremy.



Meeting a Fellow Cam Model at the AVN

Being at the AVN Convention has let me meet my friends who visit my room every week in person, as well as new friends who will soon join me there. Meeting them is great fun.

And being interviewed by writers and reporters, gives me the chance to educate people on what Live Camming is really about, as well as show a bit of special little red charisma.

But you know what I absolutely love? Getting the chance to sit down and talk with one of my fellow web cam models. Just like Harriet Sugarcookie, who is also up for the Live Cam Awards in March. We got to sit down and chat for a bit and she has uploaded her interview now. I hope you enjoy it, and hope you visit her site and say hello.

AVN Media Interviews and Fans

AVN Media_Fans

Normally I would have much more naughty thoughts on a couch, but this time I had to behave. A little. ;) Here are just a few pics of the media interviews I did, as well as some of the fans I had the pleasure to meet while on the couch in the Jasmin booth at the AEE in Las Vegas. Even though I had to be on my best behavior and tried to be a good girl, the time I got to spend with everyone there was memorable and I am forever grateful they took the time to come visit me :)

Thank you all so much!!!

Thank you all again SO SO MUCH! I would have never gotten this opportunity without all your help! Love you all!


I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything since returning from Las Vegas. Between being sick, preparing for Spain and other issues, I’ve been so busy it’s been difficult to get much done on here. So just let me say there is a WHOLE LOT of pics and videos coming soon. As a quick thank you for everyone who supported me, voted for me and has been keeping my spirits up even though I didn’t win this year, here are a few pictures from the AVNs to tide you over until I can finish going through everything else to share with you all!

xx, O


And PLEASE DON’T FORGET you can KEEP VOTING for the awards in Spain. It only takes one minute and you can vote me for Best Female Live Cam Model, and Best Cam Model Personal Site here 2015 LiveCamAwards 

You are the best! I would be nothing without all of you by my side!

xx, O


The Awesome Jasmin staff and AEE Booth

I can’t thank Jasmin enough for the great opportunity they gave me. Jasmin had the best booth at the AEE in Las Vegas, I SWEAR! I got to be super comfy to do interviews and had fun on the couch in this cozy room for the visitors and all of you that were in my free chat.

By the way, wasn’t it great to be able to be online while being at the AEE? I got to have you close to me while tons of things were going on at the Expo. I know I LOVED IT, I hope it was fun for you too!

Jasmin CEO Laszlo, Nouria, Tamas, and Zsolt were incredible to work with! My time in Vegas is forever memorable and I will never forget it! Can’t wait to work with them again and again!