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First Night Back

If you weren’t there you missed a great night. It was amazing!


Me and Mister Bunny were celebrating our win with all our fans and friends.


Mister Bunny was being VERY naughty….lol. What are you going to do with that glass dido, Mister Bunny? You are going to put it where? OMG Naughty Mister Bunny, Naughty!!!!


Thank you again everyone who voted and helped me win “AVN Fan Favorite WebCam Girl of 2014″. Take me private and let me thank you personally.

Come closer to me so we get some “alone time”, you wont be disapointed



Some Pictures from the AVN Convention

Here’s some pictures from the Convention.


These were on Wednesday. It was my first day of signing, after being online all the previous night, then flying all day to get to the Convention. I was very tired from being up so long but excited to be at the Awards.


Two lovely ladies, the gorgeous Miss MelRose who I meet on Wednesday, and my 2000th Twitter follower, the sexy Addie Juniper who I meet Saturday at the “Meet and Greet” just before the awards show.


Saturday afternoon, a few hours before the Red Carpet, signing autographs. You can’t tell but my dress was a beautiful black velvet one.

Can I share a secret? I wasn’t wearing any panties in that dress, lol.


Was so nice meeting people while signing autographs?


Early Friday evening, meeting fans before the White Party. That was a themed party where everyone was supposed to be dressed in white. which made all the black lights crazy!


The party was amazing!!!! That’s me, down there, lol.


I hope this isn’t the only picture of my dress for the Awards.


Relaxing Sunday morning. It was gorgeous outside and I was so tired. Still cute though, lol.


Big Hugs and Kisses to All My Fans!!!!

I couldn’t have won without all your support and votes. Here’s to a great 2014, and I hope I can thank each and every one of you in a special private sometime soon.



I WON!!!!!

A big bunny thank you to every one of my fans and friends who voted for me and helped me win “Favorite Webcam Girl” at the 2014 AVN Awards. I love each and everyone of you and can’t wait to give you a personal thanks next time we are in private and tell you all about the convention and the awards show.

One favor, please be sure to re-sign up at “Bunny’s Hunnies” which is my personal cam entrance to That way I get a better deal on the privates, and that of course means more sexy lingerie and cool toys, lol, which I get to show off to YOU.


Now its off to the After Parties for some fun…(evil grin). Maybe I’ll even post some pictures.

Hear Me At The AVNs

Thanks to Tarheel TruBlue (hugs and kisses) for posting my interview from the AVNs on VividRadio.


The radio show was hosted by Paul Fishbein, who created the Sex Award. Big Hugs to Paul!


I’m joined by Chanel Preston, Penthouse Pet from March 2012. What a sexy lady. We talk about alot of things. It was loads of fun.


Bunny’s Hunnies

While I’m gone, please do me a favor and sign up for “Bunny’s Hunnies”.


Same great line up of ladies. Its my affiliate doorway to which means I get rewarded when you signup and buy your credits through Bunny’s Hunnies. So that means better toys and great clothing to share with my friends and fans. And even better it doesn’t cost you anything extra.

I’m sure all my regulars appreciate that. I certainly love all of you who visit. Let me know here with a comment if you join “Bunny’s Hunnies”, and maybe I can do something special just for YOU.

Me At The SexAwards

Big Hugs and Kisses to Tarheel TruBlue for posting this clip of me winning the Best CamGirl of 2013 at the SexAwards.