Contest on Now, Oct. 18 – 24!

SM Contest Oct 18-24Hello everyone! Seeing as I’m now fully on my new bunny hole and my room is back to the old, fun, flirty, teasy ways (which makes me VERY happy), I just want to let you all know there is a contest going on from Oct 18-24.

The great thing is you don’t have to vote or do anything different from any other night in my room. Just come by my little speakeasy and have the normal fun, good times you’ve always had with me.

The contest is based on how much my members spend in my room during this week, like when you take me for some private time together, or give tips for sips, songs and other things. You know me and I’m not asking you to spend more or do anything different than you normally would do. I’m always happy to just have you there enjoying my music, conversations and company. So please don’t feel you need to change what you normally do, but if you want to help me out in the contest, I’d be very happy and very appreciative!

Thank you again and look forward to seeing you in my room soon!

Cum visit me HERE or click the picture above or the “Follow My Little Ass” banner to the right.

xx, O

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